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Welcome to the “Cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking” website that was launched under two projects: “Cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking – let’s meet with the neighbours – Stage I” and “Cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking”. The projects were implemented with the financial support of the following EU programmes: “The Operational Programme Cross-Border Cooperation Slovak Republic – Czech Republic 2007-2013” in the first case and “The Regional Operational Programme South-East (Czech Republic)” in the latter. The main aim of the projects was to improve the infrastructure and technical facilities (e.g. snow groomers, signposts, Natura 2000 information boards) in order to develop a sustainable tourism in the Bílé Karpaty region. Under the projects, ample parking space for tourists originated, an information centre was opened, necessary facilities (e.g. rest rooms) were built and snow groomers were bought. Furthermore, the ski tracks leading to the highest peak of the Jihomoravský Region Čupec (817m) were marked with brand new signposts. The projects therefore set a solid foundation for a new popular tourist destination providing number of options for langlaufers and skiers in winter as well as tourists and cyclists in summer.


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The White Carpathians

The White Carpathians stretch over the Jihomoravský, Zlínský, Trenčianský and Trnavský regions. The mountains are rightfully counted among the regions of south-east Moravia and western Slovakia very popular for tourists. They can enjoy local unique natural beauties, visit many cultural monuments and sights and emerge in the atmosphere of traditional feasts and customs. Uniqueness of the countryside is underlined by the fact that White Carpathians were recognised as biosphere reserve by UNESCO 1996. From the historical landmarks worth visiting, do not miss the only windmill of Holland type in Moravia in Kuželov, the neo-Gothic château Nový Světlov in Bojkovice, the ruins of Romanesque castle in Broumov and the remnants of folk architecture in the outdoor museum of folk architecture in Strážnice, in Horňácko, Uherskobrodsko or Kopanice regions. The most popular traditional events in the region include the Kopaničársko festival (Starý Hrozenkov), Festival of Mardi Gras traditions –  (Strání), Horňácko festival (Velká nad Veličkou) and international folklore festivals in Strážnice and Myjava. Mutual relations between Czechs and Slovaks are strengthened in an annual event called Festival of brotherhood of Czechs and Slovaks on Velká Javořina. Also hikers and cyclists will have a good run for their money in White Carpathians. They can bike the Trans-Beskids-Carpathian road or explore the whole network of regional bike paths. You can enjoy your winter holidays in several skiing resorts on both Czech and Slovak side of the border. There is a wide range of skiing opportunities on both groomed and natural skiing trails. You can find worthy trails practically in all parts of White Carpathians. So do not hesitate to come have a look.


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